How to avoid foreclosure in Columbia, SC completely

A common answer to this question is to simply pay the overdue amounts on your mortgages and other bills that are causing your foreclosure, but that is not going to help you if you’ve already thought of that and it isn’t a possibility. You simply cannot make those payments any longer due to financial hardship, and it doesn’t seem as if the bank wants to give you any more time through forbearance that might have given you that breathing room, In fact, forbearance and getting into foreclosure really come with a sense of getting back on your feet, because the amount owed doesn’t disappear, it simply starts to pile up as dirty laundry does.

Just to clarify when your home is about to go into foreclosure, that means your bank or other lending company that provided your mortgage, is about to seize your home, and then they will do their best to try to resell it to recoup their costs. They don’t care about making a huge profit on your home, they are simply focused on selling it for a high enough price that they will be able to recoup their costs. It does take a while to get to this stage though so there’s a lot of different signs that you’re about to go into foreclosure sooner than later.

If you start to miss payments, due to irregular payments from your work, then this can be a pattern that starts to snowball into something bigger. This can happen even in the robust job market in Columbia. It also ends up happening unexpectedly and sometimes we are not always prepared for it. Even if we have those emergency savings somewhere, that doesn’t mean we need to go ahead and drain it until things seem to get better. Missing your mortgage payment can be a combination of an opportunity and a sign that it’s time to move on.

Of course, this isn’t about what is the best way to be financially healthy, what this is about is liquidity on that asset, before it starts to become a liability, and eventually you end up losing it regardless. The sooner you start to see that something is happening that doesn’t allow for you to make those payments that are the best time to start a plan of action to get your home in Columbia on the selling market.

Yet, this in of itself can be a trying issue and can take a long time as well. There are also some potential losses that can occur when your home is in forbearance, such as you will have to repay the amount that was paused (basically your payments that were paused), and that can affect the amount you will receive in the end.

It’s a completely different matter when you actually end up in foreclosure, so you must be able to stop it as soon as possible. The rules of foreclosure vary in SC, but usually, you can sell your property before it gets to that point. Your major hurdle and obstacle is time. The time that it takes for you to sell your property, make sure that it is sold, and everything is signed before the dreadful foreclosure deadline.

This is where the pressure is on because you will get surrounded by vultures, even in a healthy housing market in Columbia. You may get lowballed, and there may be non-serious buyers as distractions that take up a lot of time you may not have. There may be deals that fall through, and numerous other items that can get in the way of selling your home.

This doesn’t have to be this way and we at We Buy Homes In Columbia will buy your home outright in cash and make the process as fast as possible. We will help you stop your foreclosure and get on with your life, and you will get some money in your pocket after all is said and done. Don’t waste the equity you have built on your home due to unforeseen circumstances.

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